Testing out a different method of animating I saw used recently in Jacob Streilein's, "Swelter" Here is the process video https://vimeo.com/42661259 and the final film, https://vimeo.com/40752722. I really liked working this way. Animating simple shapes made using the line tool and then breaking the shapes apart and filling them. I also tried to keep the movements snappy, more so than my usual style.



  1. Was it Jacob Streilein's method? https://vimeo.com/42661259. That guy's only 19! I saw it too and really wanna try it out. You did great here

    1. Yes it was! He's really only 19? Puts me to shame, but thanks. You should have a go, it's a really nice way to animate. I'm going to try and do something a bit more sophisticated than this test in the future. I must edit my post to link to Jacob Streilein's film.