Libearian - Teaser #1

I'm working on a short film idea at the moment that I came up with almost 5 years ago. It's evolved in my head a lot since then and I've finally (almost) pinned down the designs and the basic story points. I'm not going to be putting up too much development work for this one but I will be posting teaser images and stills.


Transpennine Express - Summer Ad

I recently found a much higher quality version of the first Transpennine Express ad I worked on. Again, this was directed by Tim Ruffle and I worked on the character animation and storyboard.

TransPennine Express - 'Summer' TV Commercial from Tim Ruffle on Vimeo.



Produced at: Aardman Animations
Client: First
Agency: TWBA Manchester
© Aardman Animations Ltd 2012

Bubbles and Me

This is an episode of "Bubbles and Me" I worked on last year with "Rumpus Animation" (http://www.rumpusanimation.com/) for Mondo Media. I worked on a good chunk of the character animation.

Warning, there are many swears in this video! Probably NSFW


Transpennine Express - "Explore for Less"

This project was completed a while back but here is the second Transpennine Express advert I worked on at Aardman last year. I worked on the storyboarding and character animation. The ad was directed by Tim Ruffle (http://www.timruffle.com/)

TransPennine Express - 'Explore for Less' TV commercial from Tim Ruffle on Vimeo.

I'm particularly happy with the Chinese dragon :)


Produced at: Aardman Animations
Client: First TransPennine Express
Agency: TWBA Manchester
© Aardman Animations Ltd 2012


As promised!

As promised, here is a quick animation test for the current character designs I have, to make sure they are ok to animate with.

It's a little rough around the edges but I'm quite happy with the way the characters move. It was really nice doing a bit of hand drawn animation again too!

I hope you like the characters and please contact me if you have any constructive criticism.




Cleaned up development sketch

I've been doing some development for a new short idea recently. A lot of the stuff is ridiculously rough but I will still put up a selection of the better (more visible) sketches. I will also be doing coloured and cleaned up versions of my favorites every now and then. I'm also working on a few animation tests to make sure the designs hold up and move ok, so watch out for them, hopefully soon.

Anyway, first cleaned up sketch. Now!



New idea

Doing a bit of personal work at the moment. Here's a little snippet for now. I don't know if you can tell what the project is about from such a subtle image. I'm hoping to be able to give a good bit of time to this idea in my evenings so there should be regular(ish) posts starting now.



Freelance scamps

Here are some scamps I worked on recently. I was originally brought on to produce some roughs based on a concept idea given by the client. I was later asked to clean up and colour them. Here are the final images.

Hope you like!


First TransPennine Express - Summer 2012 Ad

I recently finished a couple of months work at Aardman on a summer advert for the First TransPennine Express. Here is the finished ad.

I was the storyboard artist and character animator for the project, which was directed and designed by Tim Ruffle.

Hope you like the advert.


Aesthetica Short Film Festival selection

I recently found out that my student film, "Botanical Nightmare" has been selected for the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York. I like York so hopefully I can make it up to the screening.

I was asked to provide some stills from the film to go in the programme for the festival. When I was searching my massively untidy hard drive for some I came across some old concept images that I never posted. So here they are now, hope you enjoy.