New idea

Doing a bit of personal work at the moment. Here's a little snippet for now. I don't know if you can tell what the project is about from such a subtle image. I'm hoping to be able to give a good bit of time to this idea in my evenings so there should be regular(ish) posts starting now.



Freelance scamps

Here are some scamps I worked on recently. I was originally brought on to produce some roughs based on a concept idea given by the client. I was later asked to clean up and colour them. Here are the final images.

Hope you like!


First TransPennine Express - Summer 2012 Ad

I recently finished a couple of months work at Aardman on a summer advert for the First TransPennine Express. Here is the finished ad.

I was the storyboard artist and character animator for the project, which was directed and designed by Tim Ruffle.

Hope you like the advert.


Aesthetica Short Film Festival selection

I recently found out that my student film, "Botanical Nightmare" has been selected for the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York. I like York so hopefully I can make it up to the screening.

I was asked to provide some stills from the film to go in the programme for the festival. When I was searching my massively untidy hard drive for some I came across some old concept images that I never posted. So here they are now, hope you enjoy.