New background

I've just finished colouring this background, I'm really pleased with the lighting and shadows here, it's the final shot and spend some time on it. I hope you like it.



Layouts, layouts, layouts...

Hi all.

Apologies for the lack of updates the past week. I've been in full production swing. I'm aiming to have all of my layouts done and a large proportion of keyframes finalised for next Monday to start animating. I'll hopefully start uploading some rough animation soon after that. In the mean time, here are a couple of layouts that I have completed over the past two days.


Shot for when the plant smashes Ted's moon buggy out of the bubble

This is a perspective shot for Ted's climb up the side of the crater, it's extended past 12 field for panning and zooming.

This is after the plant has been killed, Ted and Suzan are making sure that he is dead. I'm hoping that once this image is coloured it will be more clear what is going on.

These are key frames for one of the final shots. I added a blur in to draw focus as Ted raises his gun.


Ted - Action sheet

This is half action sheet, half posing test for a specific movement I want in the film. Apologies for the roughness of the line quality, just don't look too closely!



Just some more action sheets for the plant and Suzan. I also have some designs for the final creature spawned from the leaf cutting from the plant.

I want the final creature to be grotesque and malformed. I think it needs some work but I quite like the bottom right design with the original leaf cutting sticking out from the top of its body.

I've been working on designs for the oxygen capsule that Ted uses to create a bubble around the test site. When showing my current animatic, one of the concerns was that it didn't read that this capsule created the bubble. So to compensate, the focus will stay on the capsule in Ted's hand for a few frames longer and will have text on it to describe what it is. I wanted to design a company logo that shows what the capsule does visually.

If anybody particularly likes any of the designs/logos your input would be greatly appreciated.


Above: I quite like the bottom two drawings here. I moved away from the round capsule and decided to go crazy and make it a cube. I think I prefer this design and will probably take this further. I also like the layout of the logo.

Here is some further prop design development also.

I have almost finalised some of the prop designs and wanted to show them in colour and create them in flash. 

With Ted's gun I wanted to make it look different to 21st century pistols and went more for a B-movie sci-fi look. 

I've been working on the props for the film over the past few days. Here are a few sheets of designs for guns and the box of science equipment Ted brings with him.

Here are some further posing sketches for Ted. I like animating hands and I want Ted to be a bit of a hand flailer.

This is a pose for a shot that will definitely be in the final film. This is when the plant eventually grows to tower over Ted and this shot is from the plant's new point of view.

Here are some extra ideas I had for experiments that Ted could perform on the plant during the montage/time lapse scene. I think the eye swab test could show a really nice reaction from the plant.


Some really quick poses and in-situes

Here are a few quick poses and in-situes I drew from before Christmas. I've been away from a scanner for a while so expect many updates imminently.