Expression sheets

Here are the other two character's expression sheets. Unsurprisingly it is very difficult to show emotion in a character that only has one eye and no eye brows or mouth. I think some of the expressions are more successful than others, I feel I can get across happy, sad, cute and angry looking expressions which are the predominant moods that the character will be showing most of the time. As for Suzan, I'm pretty pleased with her expressions in general. Facially I feel I can get a lot out of her emotionally. Her head is very bendable and her big eyes and mouth can convey a lot of moods.



25 expressions - Ted

I decided to do the 25 essential expressions sheet today, I decided to go over them in Flash to see them how they would look in the final film. Some of these expressions may even make it into the film.



Character action/expression sheets

Here I have some character action and expression sheets. I tried to cram the page full of smaller drawings than I usually do and I feel like I got some really good poses out of it. Will come back to you with selected pieces from here coloured and cleaned up. I hope you enjoy.




New layout backgrounds

Here are some more completed layouts. They aren't necessarily finalised just yet, for instance nearly every one will need some after effects added but otherwise the general layout should stay un-changed.
I hope you like them and if not then please tell email me with any suggestions.



Some layout/backgrounds

I've spent the last few days working on the backgrounds from my storyboard that I felt were almost there composition wise and I have now cleaned them up and coloured a few of them.

Here are two of the coloured backgrounds.




Recently finished my rough thumbnail storboard. This are just an indication of the shots that will be in the film, but it has given me an idea of the timing. I really enjoyed boarding this film, my previous film was a one shot piece and it became very tedious to draw by the end of the board. As a full film and narrative, this piece is naturally more interesting to draw and I have also designed the characters with more care this time so they are easier to draw and move. I will be uploading an animatic soon, for now, here is one of my favourite scenes in the storyboard.


Pre-production development

 Here are some turnarounds for my now finalised characters. I've simplified Suzan (the new name for the female engineer) and I feel that she is now a lot easier to draw and I will be able to animate her more quickly and get more interesting poses out of her. As I have said before, I wanted her to be an inverted shape of the male scientist (Ted).

For the plant I have a turnaround for both stages of it's life, the small, cute stage that it is in when first discovered and the huge, grotesque stage that it morphs into by the end.

I hope you like them and as usual, any comments or constructive criticism is very welcome