A very good idea

I saw the template for this on one of my friend's blogs (Amy's Stuff) and I thought it was a really good idea. Here is the original link.

The process of making it really made me think about what stuff genuinely influences me and inspires me, and what stuff is just pleasing aesthetically. Many of the images here have directly influenced the progression of my next film, but I feel that what I have so far remains my style.




Some progression made during my week in Bristol. The main characters are coming along I feel, just need a bit more work. Similarly with the ship designs, I have a good idea where they are headed.

I hope you like these designs and in-situes and as usual any comments would be very welcome.



Further development

This post is just for odd bits of development ideas. I quite like the older feel of this character but I have decided that it would not fit with the story very well, the character needs to be fitter and more active than a character of this age could realistically be. Although on the other hand, it is a low gravity setting so any movements would come a lot easier even to someone of this age...

I quite like the top three images here, all roughly the same character. He is a very simple shape and I quite like the idea of the strap beard. The chin and has the potential to be very expressive, holding the mouth shapes well. I have started to develop this character shape further.

This is the same character in situe and I feel that this is possibly the direction I may take. The face fits well with the shape of the rest of the body. The whole frame is a bit bulkier than other designs I have come up with and I find the face is a lot easier to turn and emote with.

I also came up with this body design. I like it in principle but whether I use it or not depends on how cartooney and child friendly I eventually make the story. This would fit well with a more cartooney style. I don't particularly like the head on this body but quite like the head to the right.

Just some more head designs, I am pleased with the middle and right hand designs, the middle is very simple to draw and I really like the nose and chin. These aspects may go into future drawings.

As usual, any comments on any of the pieces would be of great help. I hope you like them.


Film Development

Just a few pieces of development for my next film. This first image is a rough idea for the layout of a simple poster for the film. I will go over this in illustrator to make it smoother and vectored.

This is a preliminary in situe for the female character. At the moment she is the engineer on the ship so will remain on the ship throughout and so spends all of her time in her jumpsuit. I still need to play around with the layout of the interior of the ship and also the colour scheme but I quite like the colours of the character.

In situe for the male character, getting ready for his shift on the ship

A few more ideas for the design of the body. I quite like the squared off fingers and slightly thinner look than that of my preliminary drawings

The development of this idea still has a long way to go but I like where it is going and the designs are really inspiring the way the story is going in my head. I should hopefully have some rough storyboards and colour charts going very soon.
Any comments on any of the designs would be greatly appreciated.