Film Development

Just a few pieces of development for my next film. This first image is a rough idea for the layout of a simple poster for the film. I will go over this in illustrator to make it smoother and vectored.

This is a preliminary in situe for the female character. At the moment she is the engineer on the ship so will remain on the ship throughout and so spends all of her time in her jumpsuit. I still need to play around with the layout of the interior of the ship and also the colour scheme but I quite like the colours of the character.

In situe for the male character, getting ready for his shift on the ship

A few more ideas for the design of the body. I quite like the squared off fingers and slightly thinner look than that of my preliminary drawings

The development of this idea still has a long way to go but I like where it is going and the designs are really inspiring the way the story is going in my head. I should hopefully have some rough storyboards and colour charts going very soon.
Any comments on any of the designs would be greatly appreciated.



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