A sketch...

Just another quick sketch for now. I've been working hard on my animation so it's nice to do the odd unrelated sketch every now and then. The film is going well, currently working on one of the biggest and most complex scenes...the time-lapse scene. So many key frames to draw!

Expect a little snippet of animation soon!



Old sea dog!



Scribbley Viking

A very quick sketch of a Viking, now in glorious technicolour.

Apologies for all the unrelated drawings of late. Working hard on my final film but I can't show any progress for a while. Might see a couple of tests up at some point soon... so watch this space.........


Another random drawing

I drew a space man and suddenly it turned into a parallel universe story.



Something different!

I decided to just draw something completely unrelated to my film and this came out. I don't know why he turned into a lumberjack.... subconsciously. I like to think that he is cutting down many trees for us animators to use.