Fundraser - Glamorgan Animation "Art of" book

To raise funds for the end of year awards ceremony and celebrations, some of the 3rd year students of our course are putting together an "art of" book filled with sketches and comic strips and characters from as many people from the course as possible. This is my contribution to the book. "Space Detective fighting Robber--Bots in Asteroid Belts!"
Not sure why...

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Noir Concept

This is just a very quick, rough idea of the style I have in mind for my next project.
I am in two minds still about whether to go for black and white or subtle use of colour. Clearly more development is needed but I wanted to get this idea out of my system so I can push it forward.


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Next big project!

I've been mulling an idea around my head for the past couple of weeks for my next project. I have been very interested lately in detective stories and thrillers, particularly noir stories. I have begun preliminary research and done some sketches in the style I had in mind. I wanted to move to more simple characters, and focus more on the mood and body language of the characters. I also want my next film to be more filmic, utilising more backgrounds and a full narrative. Despite this, charcter interaction will still be a big focus, only not to the extent of my current project.

For the moment, here are some of the images I found during my research. These are just a few of the classic shots from films such as "The Maltese Falcon" (1941) I have already found some inspiration for the story and shots and hope to move this forward during the summer months.

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