Character comparison and silhouettes

Now that the turn-around for each character is done I put all the characters together for a size comparison, and I also silhouetted them to show that their shapes work against one another.


plant turnaround colour

Here are the completed plant turnarounds, cleaned up in Flash. One for the plant in its original state and one for when he grows enormous.



Suzan - turnaround colour

I also finished a colour turn-around for Suzan. Again, I wanted to place it on a suitable background, however I only had one finished interior ship background and its a close-up of a view screen, but the colour scheme seems to work.

Again, any comments on the colour scheme would be really helpful.


Ted - turnaround colour

This is the colour turn-around for Ted, cleaned up in Flash. I also placed the turn-around over one of the finalised backgrounds to make sure the colours fit and that Ted stands out.

I hope you like it. Any comments on the colour scheme would be most appreciated.



Further development work.

Here are some more pieces I did over the weekend. I probably won't colour these, not in their current state at any rate, I may clean up the science test ideas pages and colour them. Those ideas will also be going into my storyboard. The ideas are all coming together in my head! I can't wait to get back to the film proper tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy and as usual, any constructive comments are very welcome!


Yesterdays drawings....TODAY!

Our After Effects project will be over and handed in tomorrow, and being up to date I spent the weekend on pre-production for my film, which starts again this week. I wanted to work in a different style, I went very angular with my shapes and decided to go for minimal line showing. I'm quite happy with the results, I thought more about composition here than detailing and I quite like the poses and staging that I got out of it.
I hope you enjoy.